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Hand-Painted Bird Pins



Click on any bird to view it in detail!

What is more beautiful than a little bird in your backyard?  I have created a line of favorite North American bird pins. 

 Each pin is an original hand-drawn and painted design using premium quality watercolor. The pins are coated with a protective glossy resin finish for added beauty and durability!

Look for more species in the future!  Any suggestions for a new species design?  Your request may result in a new design!

Only $8.00 each!

Current bird species available:

#AJHF -  Male House Finch (A)

#AJCW - Carolina Wren (B)

#AJBC - Black-capped Chickadee (C)

#AJEB - Eastern Bluebird (D)

#AJAR - American Robin (E)

Pins vary in length from approx.  3" to 3.5"

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