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Click on any of the item names for pictures, description, & price.

Breyer Stablemates:

Arabian Mare (Alabaster)

Arabian Stallion (Glossy Gray)SOLD!

Draft Horse (Dapple Gray)(No longer available)

Morgan Stallion (Bright Chestnut)


Thoroughbred Mare

Seabiscuit (Black)

Seabiscuit (Pinto)

RARE Vintage Traditional Models:

Five - Gaiter (SOLD!)

Glossy Shetland Pony

Western Pony with Saddle

Specian Runs:

1992 Sears Wish Book Saddlebred Weanling Future Champions Show Set (w/halter, lead, and Brenda Breyer) (SOLD!)

Gift Sets:

Classic Andalusian Family (MIB)

A Pony for Keeps (MIB)*

Buttons and Bows (MIB) SOLD!


Original 1950's Circus Elephant (RARE!) SOLD!


Vintage Brenda Breyer Box (Box Only)


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